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Revivalist Leah Ramirez and Unfettered Worship

Revivalist Leah Ramirez and Unfettered Worship We are facilitating an extra special Summer of “Revival Fire” Burn this Friday as we host Revivalist Leah Ramirez and Unfettered Worship. Leah is an amazing, anointed, prophetic visionary who carries a passion...

Adorning the Bride of Christ – Women’s Breakfast

Adorning the Bride of Christ Women's Breakfast Saturday, April 22nd 9:00 – 12:00 noon   9:00  AM = Free Registration and Breakfast Brownsville/Matamoros House of Prayer 3226 Coffee Rd. Brownsville, TX   Contact: Patty Wilhite: 956-459-2559   Maricela Gomez:...


WOMEN'S BREAKFAST BURNING MAN MINISTRIES Presents a Women's Event:   JESUS THE BRIDEGROOM THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD   Saturday, February 11, 2017, 9AM - Noon   9:00  AM = Free Registration and Breakfast   Brownsville/Matamoros House of Prayer 3226 Coffee Rd....


Hi!  I hope you are able to join us for the next "TREASURE HUNT."  Join us in this unique Evangelism tool as we follow the Lord's leading to find "Treasures"--those He has ordained to come into His Kingdom!  Youth, Young Adults and those of us who are "young at heart"...

Engaging the Shift of His Spirit

Our Next BURN When: 8:00 pm, Friday, November 4, 2016 Where: 3226 Coffee Road, Brownsville, Texas This Friday you are invited to join us as we embrace the "Shifting Move of His Spirit."  Chuck Pierce prophetically calls the year, 5777, as a year of "Fulfillment".  "We...

Our next 24-Hour Burn

"Marching into the New Season of End-Time Revival" Extended hours of Intercessory worship, prayer, declarations & decrees:   March 18 & 19th 🔥   Weekend Itinerary: Friday at 7:00 pm - Holy Spirit Healing Meeting "The Gathering" church launch. Prayers & Decrees for the...

Our B.M.R.H.O.P. schedule is updated monthly.


Our schedule includes Friday night “Burn” meetings with “Side Room Intercession” and, at other times the Friday night meeting will be replaced by “Treasure Hunts”, taking the love of Jesus to the streets.

Any Christian having a heart for our region and willing to set aside a time for corporate prayer are invited to come and join us.

Several members from regional churches and ministries participate.  Also, anyone needing prayer, Christian or not are encouraged to come.  We care & want to help!


Four Feathers Native American Outreach

A Ministry of Love, Restoration & Reconciliation




Over the years of our Christian ministry endeavors and experiences, I have known about the call on my wife, Patty’s life to Native American reservations, in particular to her own people, the Standing Rock Souix in the Dakotas.  Patty’s ancestral lineage goes back hundreds of years.  Subsequently her grandparents and father were born and raised on the Standing Rock Reservation.

As a teenager, Patty’s father and grandfather were part of one of the last cattle drives in the U.S. starting at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota and ending at the Chippewa Reservation in White Earth, Minnesota.

Patty was born and raised during her developmental years of her life on that reservation.  At the age of five, Patty’s family left the reservation due to extreme prejudice, a child needing serious medical care and the need for work (they ended up in Northern Minnesota).

Patty has been researching her ancestral past for many years, and due to this, has been asked to speak at several museums.  She has ancestors on both sides of the Battle of Big Horn (aka Custer’s Last Stand).

In June, 2016, Patty, myself and two of our sons, participated in a prayer and ministry initiative on three Souix Reservations (Standing Rock, Cheyenne River & Pine Ridge).  During this ministry event, Patty was excited to discover that several of her relatives were on the Standing Rock Souix Indian Counsel including three cousins.  She also discovered the likelihood that she may very well be directly related to the Chairman of the Tribe (current day chief) through a great-great-grandfather.  She also discovered relatives working in many of the reservation agencies.  She also made connections with Spirit Filled Native American Christians from the three Soiux reservations we visited.



The official launching of this ministry will begin it’s work on a prayer initiative beginning September 27th through October 6th 2016.  (BTW, this just happens to coincide with the Jewish High Holy Days.)

The itinerary includes joining up with several Native American Christian Ministries and Native American Christians including “Warriors Circle” who we connected with at “The Asuza Call” in Los Angeles and the prayer initiative in June.  Probably of the most important God-led goals/initiatives is connecting as many Native American Ministries & Christians from the different tribes* that are currently on the Standing Rock Reservation at this time.

Patty is a direct descendant of several Blackfoot Sioux chiefs including one of the first to travel to Washington D.C., Chief Smutty Bear and sign a treaty with the U.S. government.  Four Feathers purpose will begin to come together as all the participants, including Patty, led by the Holy Spirit, come together with one mind, one heart and one vision, resulting in the manifestation of Jesus Christ and His kingdom in the lives of the people.


Our request for support:

Prayer -Especially for Patty as she endeavors onto her reservation, having a clear understanding of God’s leading.  Prayer is also needed for both ministries as God provides direction and increase.

Funds -As Burning Man Ministries is a non-profit corporation, any funds donated to this cause are tax deductible.  All finances are used for ministry purposes only.  There are no employees at Burning Man.

Funds can be sent though our website “DONATE” button

or mailed to Burning Man Ministries, 3226 Coffee Road, Brownsville, Texas, 78521.

Participants -We need worship leaders and intercessors to participate at our Burn Gatherings.  We are specifically asking those who have the tendency to wait on the leading of the Holy Spirit to join us for directional intercession and prayer.  If you are unsure of what I am talking about, please call me at 956-455-3340.


For more information on Four Feathers N.A.M. go to 

May the Holy Spirit Lead you in All You Do.


Gary & Patty Wilhite,

Directors, Burning Man Ministries:

B.M Regional House of Prayer,

Four Feathers Native American Ministry